Disappear Retreat Pre-Order


Disappear Retreat Pre-Order

Disappear Retreat is currently testing and building the first fully-functional prototypes in the Spring/Summer 2018 and these will undergo rigorous evaluation and monitoring in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

If you are interested in a test-drive they will be available for overnight stays. We will also be taking the prototypes on the road for public education events on sustainable living and high-performance building.

Disappear Retreat will launch into production and be availabe to the public for purchase in 2019. We will announce final costs and designs in Fall 2018.

It is an essential part of the project mission to offer a cost-attainable design while providing ultra-sustainable performance and high-end materials, systems, and craftsmanship. We are on our way to achieving that with a proposed cost range from 25,000 to 45,000 USD, depending on model and features, keeping the price comparable to a new car or camper.

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